We Love Tradition & Technology

Your ara shoes are the culmination of three generations of shoe makers and endless toil, created by a production process requiring intensive hand-crafting and up to 120 individual operations. Only carefully selected materials tested to be free of harmful substances are employed in our manufacture and are additionally subject to independent testing and reporting on a regular basis. For us it goes without saying that our production takes place at the highest technical level and in conformance with all international environmental standards.

Our Constructions

California Stitched

Light, strong and flexible, the California method of shoe making involves our uppers being directly stitched to the insoles with a third piece, the mudguard included in this stitch which is then reverse folded to enclose an integrated, formed and padded footbed. The resulting shoes are therefore entirely stitched for perfect flexibility with our footbeds integrated within this construction also.

Genuine Moccasin

A traditional hand made process whereby our uppers are shaped and sewn to form a “sock” at the fore-foot, ensuring a degree of “give” so as to mould around your feet over time for glove like comfort.

Injection Moulded

An extremely strong, light and flexible method of shoe making, here our uppers are stitched directly to our insoles with our air cushioned rubber soles subsequently affixed via direct injection. The result is a seamless bond between all components for exceptional strength, cushioning and flexibility.

Side Stitched

With this method of shoe making we stitch our soles directly to the uppers, creating a strong but flexible bond that harmonizes to the shape of your feet with wear. An added advantage of this type is that hardly any glue need be used in construction, resulting in shoes that are light and airy, ideally suited for summer casuals.

Strobel Stitched

Light and flexible, here our uppers are stitched directly to our insoles for a completely sewn bond between upper and sole, with our outer soles then either side stitched or ago constructed thereafter. Being sewn, these shoes provide for a degree of give with time, thereby adjusting to your feet seamlessly.

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