Tradition meets future

For six decades ara has been renowned for wide variety of shoe fashion of the highest quality, combining attractive design with perfect fit.

ara has production sites and marketing facilities throughout the world along with a large network of reliable distributors and experienced authorised dealerships. And yet right up to the present we have remained a family firm, one which sets store by sustainability. This applies in equal measure to our manufacturing activity and our financial management.

Throughout the journey towards the leading position we hold today in the highly competitive fashion business, we have always remained true to our principles. Together with our trend spotters in the great metropolitan cities of the world, we make sure that every collection reflects the wishes and expectations of our customers. Around 4,000 employees make their contribution to ensure that lovers of fashionable shoes are able to trust in the well-known ara quality.

ara shoes are created by a production process requiring intensive hand-crafting and up to 120 individual operations. Only carefully selected materials tested to be free of harmful substances are employed in our manufacture and then subject to independent testing and reporting on a regular basis. For us it goes without saying that our production takes place at the highest technical level and in conformance with all international environmental standards.