Our feet are exposed to significant strain, and prolonged over-exertion will ultimately have a detrimental effect on the entire body. At ara, we incorporate a number functional elements to ensure that our footwear remains comfortable even when worn for extended periods of time. A case in point is shock absorption, which relieves the stress exerted on muscles, joints, bones and ligaments. Additionally, breathable materials are designed to provide the best possible climate control.

Individual Calf Widths

No two legs are the same, and yet boots should offer maximum comfort, look attractive and fit to perfection. With this in mind, ara offers calf widths ranging from S to XXL, making the choice of the right boots easy. An added bonus - particular ara boots feature elastic gussets (stretch feature), allowing further flexibility for optimum comfort and perfect fit.

  • S-XXL Calf Widths
  • Designed for a perfect fit
  • Maximum comfort

Extra light

The extra light styles offer genuine comfort. The lightness of the outsole and high-tech materials ensure reduced overall weight. As a result, legs and feet are relieved from strain, alleviating tiredness and pain particularly when travelling.

  • Light and easy does it
  • For maximum comfort and pleasurable walking
  • Relieves legs and feet from strain


Gore-Tex® shoes offer optimum heat transfer and outstanding moisture management, ensuring a perfect foot climate. The waterproof, breathable and highly durable Gore-Tex® membrane is placed at the very heart of the shoe and has been specially engineered to ensure dry feet and optimal comfort in any type of weather. Even in extreme conditions, your feet are kept warm and dry.

  • Ideal for any type of weather
  • Permanently waterproof
  • Highly breathable
  • Extremely durable

Removable Insoles

Our exchangeable footbeds ensure a perfect feeling of well-being. Designed to adapt to the anatomy of your feet from heel to toe, they relieve the stress on muscles, bones, joints and ligaments. Easily exchanged and refitted, these shoes offer the perfect solution for those who wear their own specially designed orthotics.

  • The basis for you well-being
  • Anatomically fitted
  • May be replaced with specially fitted footbeds


Every step is like walking on air; soft-gel cushions integrated into the sole evenly distribute body weight, relieving stress on muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. An added bonus; the special properties are there to stay, because due the memory function, the high-tech gel returns to its original shape.

  • Take the stress out of walking
  • Integrated gel pads ensure ultimate comfort
  • Shock absorbing properties help protect joints, bones and muscles

ara width system

Your feet and their feelings are individual, personal and unique - we suggest always trying on prior to purchase.

  • F = Regular Width
  • G = Regular + Width
  • H = Comfort Width
  • K = Specialised Width

ara size guide