We Love Fashion & Function

We are shoe makers, but it is new ideas and thinking that make our shoes. New investments deliver new experiences, be that matching anatomically designed lasts to high tech Dynergy lamellae structured soles that both absorb and rebound energy or, the blending of traditional skills of craftsmanship with new Fusion4 HiFlex multi-zoned knitted uppers. A world of features lies within, the secret to the ara feeling.

Our Features

Bamboo Lining

A natural material, bamboo thrives ecologically without the use of pesticides and is 100% biodegradable. Highly breathable and with unique anti-bacterial properties, our bamboo linings are not only soft to your feet but provide up to 60% greater moisture absorption and dry up to 20% quicker than cotton.

Dynergy Technology

The Dynergy sole’s overlapping 3D waves are specially arranged for superior shock absorption. The unique double cushioning construction distributes and neutralizes impact and pressure when walking in two stages, returning this energy as momentum with each step.


The patented XL Extralight® sole technology not only offers incredible lightness but also flexibility, shock absorption and serves as a thermal insulator. It's not all just about pleasure either, on a practical scale the abrasive performance of the XL Extralight® compound matches equivalent compounds three times its weight, so in terms of wear, no lightweight at all.


Not just a knitted upper, our unique Fusion4 construction features multizone HiFlex knitted uppers which provide various flexible zones that offer give at the ball of the foot whilst remaining stable everywhere else. The result are shoes that eliminate pressure points and adapt to your individual foot, whilst retaining their support, form and function.


Famous for good reason, our Gore-Tex® enabled shoes offer optimum heat transfer and outstanding moisture management, ensuring the perfect foot climate. The waterproof, breathable and highly durable Gore-Tex® membrane is placed at the very heart of the shoe and has been specially engineered to ensure dry feet and optimal comfort in any type of weather. Even in extreme conditions, your feet are kept warm and dry.


The fundamental idea behind our HighSoft construction is to take the comfort and feeling of sneakers and replicate this experience with our court and ballet collections. By combining super smooth soft-leathers, highly flexible soles and supple, padded innersoles, we've created the indescribably comfortable walking experience that is HighSoft. Gloves, for your feet.

Removable Insoles

Our exchangeable footbeds ensure the perfect feeling of well-being. Designed to adapt to the anatomy of your feet from heel to toe, they relieve stress on muscles, bones, joints and ligaments. Easily exchanged and refitted, these shoes offer the perfect solution for those who wear their own specially designed orthotics.